Systems interconnection

Do you use a number of company systems that you need to integrate?


An easy-to-handle interface supporting processes

Does the complexity of your IT systems grow together with the development of your company, meaning that the systems are not mutually interconnected and they do not provide a view of significant processes?

Interaction of your customers', partners' and subcontractors' systems with your own systems

Are you looking for a simple application which can easily communicate with partners' and clients' different systems?

We have helped the following clients:


An extensive booking, ordering, exchanging and selling system that interconnects the following systems: SAP, Favas, Fundlink, CarConfigurator, Kerridge, PRISMA, Atlas, PortOfEntry, PortOfExit.


Via the DCMT system, data are exchanged between the systems of their customers (Yardi, Redex, MRI).

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