No dependence on a single programmer

Do you employ an 'indispensable' programmer, who is overburdened with work or is about to leave the company?


Facilitation for overburdened programmers

Are your programmers overburdened with work, to the point that they have become a bottleneck and the development of an application has got stuck?

Adaptation of outdated systems

Is your current programmer incapable of improving the level of the system? Never mind! We will do it in his place!

The end of management via spreadsheets

Use applications tailored for you. Do not waste time or nerves with sophisticated tables that are often pasted together.

The complete takeover of system administration

We are able to take over your systems, handle them and develop them further with you.

The takeover of the management and support for your programmer or team of programmers

When your team needs a helping hand... or head :)

The minimisation of the risk of dependance on external programmers

Are you fully aware of the risks that the whole company depends on just one person?

We have helped the following clients:


A specialised trading and configuration system that creates an online channel for the distribution of HP ProLiant servers and all accessories.


The creation of an online booking and selling system for the national ticket sales network TICKET ART CZ, PL and SK.


An information system supporting the sale of flats, houses and plots of ground.


The information system AIS (Asset Management Information System) Budget, which supports processes of budgeting commercial buildings and the approval of the processes.


An invoicing and operating system for recording orders.

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